Wollaston Lake Home & Cottage Association is dedicated to the residents (both permanent and seasonal) who try to perpetuate the pristine environment and crystal waters in and around Wollaston Lake.  Any recommendations or ideas that will assist the WLHCA executive committee to protect the environment of Wollaston Lake should be sent to:    wlhca.news@gmail.com      

Speak up for Wollaston Lake – Vote in the October 2018 election!


Whether you’re a cottager or a permanent resident, make sure both you and your spouse are registered to vote by calling the Township office at 613-337-5731. If you’re not on the voter list already, there is a Form on their website. Go to:

(www.wollastontownship.ca  and search “election”). Complete the form and send back by email/fax/dropoff.  

Cottage property owners in Wollaston Township are eligible to vote in the Wollaston election, in addition to their home municipality. Additional information such as what is valid identification when you vote in municipal elections can be found on www.gov.on.ca and search municipal elections. Drivers’licences are valid among a long list of alternate choices.


The Township will be mailing ballots to all registered voters on September 24th, so don’t delay in checking to ensure you are on the voters’ list so your voices can be heard. If you do miss the first mailing and do not receive a mail in ballot, you can still register up to election day, but unless you plan to vote in person you will need to phone in time for your ballot to be mailed to you prior to the election and for you to have time to mail it back.(Oct 15th)



Last election some ballots were deemed spoiled because the voters did not fill them out correctly. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully or watch the video posted under  Elections on the Wollaston Township website to make sure you are filling it our correctly. The Township  recommends that you mail it back by Oct. 15th to ensure that it will arrive in time. There may be a postal strike on September 26th so it will be your responsibility to deliver, courier, or bring your return ballot to the Wollaston Township Office,  90 Wollaston Lake Rd., Box 99,  Coe Hill, On. K0L1P0

before October 22nd, if that happens. You can also vote in person at the Municipal Office 90 Wollaston Road in Coe Hill. 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. on October 22nd


October 22 is municipal election day across Ontario. In Wollaston Township, voters will be electing a Reeve, Deputy Reeve, three (3) Councillors to form the next Council with a term beginning December 1, 2018 and concluding in 2022. There is a list of candidates on the township webpage. We have included it below.

Coming soon:  Look for candidate information in the upcoming Fall Newsletter.  Each candidate has been given an opportunity to submit a short article telling about him or herself. Make sure that you vote. The WLHCA Newsletter will be mailed September 28th. In case of a strike it will be posted on the webpage www.wollastonlakehome.com and Facebook.

See List of candidates below.

Wollaston Public Library is hosting an All Candidates Meeting

New event! Come hear what the candidates running for Council have to say! What would you like to ask them? The library is collecting questions from voters, around the theme of "Building Community". Email the library at wollastonpubliclibrary@gmail.com to have your questions recorded. The event will be held at the Coe Hill Legion, Sunday September 23rd, at 1:00 p.m. Coffee and snacks on the house.

McBride Mining Project

We have been advised that a mining exploration company, Hasting Highlands Resources, has recently partnered with Pancontinental Resources Inc of North Carolina (traded on the TSX as PUC), and are actively exploring a large, 880 h tract of land just south of highway 620 and just east of Old Hastings Road.  The target of their exploration is nickel, cobalt and copper, metals that have become in high demand because of current and projected needs  to satisfy the growing global electric vehicle market. These metals are used in the production of rechargeable batteries in everything from cell phones and laptops to power tools and automobiles. 

This is not the first time that Dr. Derek McBride P. Geo, has been in the area trying to actively promote this mine site.  His efforts date back to at least 2004 but the market conditions at that time were not favourable to support the project.  Now there is a very real risk that huge areas of sensitive wetlands and habitat may be destroyed if only by the initial exploration work which would include stripping and trenching long swaths of land.  In addition to the damage done to natural wildlife and vegetation which may include several species at risk, these marches and slow moving streams form a critical water recharge for the headwaters of the Crowe Valley basin. 

If a mine is permitted to proceed, the impact to ground water, surface water, land and soil could be enormous and far reaching.  The sound from blasting and open pit mining operations would carry for miles around, and the constant traffic of heavy trucks and mining equipment on the area roads and highways would take a serious toll on the areas limited infrastructure.  Property values in the neighboring freshwater lakes would be significantly impacted.  The environmental impacts of metal mining, and nickel mining in particular, are well documented. 

We urge all members of the affected communities to attend an information session being hosted by Pancontinental Resources Inc, at the Limerick Community Centre on Sunday, September 9th at 4 pm.  Come out and learn more about the project, ask your questions and voice your concerns. Contact your local municipal leaders and candidates and share your concerns with them, in this an election year.  Take a stand! 


 I hope that you can post this message quickly, and help get the word out.  Shawano RI (Dickey Lake), LWRA (Limerick Lake), Tri-Lakes (Robinson, Spring and Brinklow Lakes) have already taken action and are working with your friends in the SLCA (Steenburg Lake) and other concerned citizens and land owners in the area.  I hope to see you and your members at the meeting.  We also recommend that those who have identifiable garments like hats and T-shirts from their respective lake associations, wear them proudly to the meeting.  Let’s give the meeting organizers a clear message that we are many, we are strong, and we are resolute in defending our beautiful communities!


Pat Stallaert President – Steenburg lake Community Association president@steenburglake.com

Battle brewing over mine south of Bancroft

Timothy Meeks  More from Timothy Meeks Published on: August 29, 2018 | Last Updated: August 29, 2018 1:25 PM EDT Submitted photo

A public meeting and information meeting regarding a proposed nickel, cobalt and copper mining operation south of Bancroft will take place Sunday, Sept. 9 at 4 p.m. at the Limerick Township Community Center. 

LIMERICK TOWNSHIP – There’s a battle brewing in this tiny cottage community south of Bancroft over a proposed nickel, cobalt and copper mine. Monica Nikopoulos of the Limerick Area Conservation Coalition (LACC) claims there has been no written notification of the activities being undertaken by Dr. Derek McBride, P.Eng, an international mineral deposit specialist with Derek McBride Geological & Management Services, who owns the mineral rights to the area south of Hwy 620, west of Old Hastings Road near Ormsby and stretching east to Hwy 62.

A public meeting and information session is being hosted by Pancontinental Resources Corporation (Pancon) Sunday, Sept. 9 at 4 p.m. at the Limerick Community Centre. “We are diligently trying to bring awareness about this mine, the destruction it’ll cause in this prime cottage country area, with endangered species habitats, significant ground water recharge areas that flow into resident’s wells and rivers/lakes, endangered fish, and this is also the “Land Between” area, hunting and deer wintering habitat,” said Nikopolous. “According to Hastings County’s official plan it’s a significant endangered species area.” According to Pancon’s website, Pancon entered into an option agreement effective April 25, 2018 with Hastings Highlands Resources Limited (Hastings) to earn up to 76 per cent of the McBride Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Project located in Limerick Township, 25 km south of Bancroft. If Hastings, a private company, chooses not to fund its share of the joint venture after 76 per cent is earned, Pancon can fully fund the joint venture and increase its ownership to 90 per cent. The McBride Project covers 880 hectares and contains historical resources of an estimated 5.1 million tons of near-surface nickel-cobalt-copper mineralization. The Project is proximal to the Canadian National Railway network, providing the opportunity to cost effectively transport future concentrate to the nearest nickel smelting facility, in Sudbury. Nikopoulos said she first learned of the project while inspecting her property. “I was checking our north driveway where there are signs that say ‘Please Don’t Trespass’ and found ATV tracks. He (McBride) and his four summer students were line cutting on my property. I was to be notified in writing as were other cottagers and we weren’t,” Nikopoulos said.

Follow this link for the complete article


The June 12, 2018 Wollaston Township Meeting includes a delegate from Landmark Associates Limited to speak to Wollaston Council re: Bear Ridge Campground Application to Amend Zoning By-Law and Site Plan.  The letter from Landmark Associates to Reeve Blair & Members of Council can be found by following this link.  

The 2017 report on the water quality of Wollaston Lake is now available.  Along with this report, 3 documents on Lake Capacity have been provided.   We feel these reports contain important information for our members to understand the current state of Wollaston Lake.  Please click on the report titles to open the corresponding report.

1- Wollaston Lake Water Quality 2017 Report

2- MOECC Lakeshore Capacity Executive Summary

3- White Lake State of the Lake 2016

4 - Lake Capacity and references from North Hastings County Planner (submitted by Traci Morrison)

The 2017 Invasive Species Watch Report from the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters has been posted on the Invasive Species page in the Environment section of our website.  You can follow this link to the report.  

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