WLHCA Invasive Species Action

One of a number of the initiatives to sustain the health of Wollaston Lake (as agreed at the 2018 AGM) is to mark three of the most prominent Eurasian Milfoil beds in an attempt to slow the spread of this damaging invasive water plant.

This invader spreads through fragmentation and out-competes native plants to quickly take over and can grow  to become extremely thick mats. This is damaging to lake health because it reduces the natural diversity of plant life, has a negative impact on fish habitat, increases the demand on oxygen in the water that the lake trout rely on and makes recreational activities very unpleasant. 

Starting July 21, 2019 we will be marking three of the beds subject to heavy boating traffic, in the main lake, with Transport Canada approved yellow markers. These three beds are to the east ends of the two islands and approx. 200 meters off the north west shore near Anson Bay.

Please help to do your part to sustain lake health by not driving your boat or personal watercraft inside the marked areas.

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