Algae Sightings on Wollaston Lake 2018

The WLHCA Lake Steward has received a number of inquires about Algae in Wollaston Lake this summer.  In response to the questions received, below is a link to Algae Identification from Watersheds Canada.

Algae Identification Field Guide

Avoiding Conflicts with Beaver

Click on the Beaver picture for information on "Avoiding Conflicts with Beavers"    


You can contact the Bancroft MNRF at (613) 332-3940 extension 216.  Luke Hillier can provide you with advice for your situation and the name of one or more licensed trappers if all other measures have not worked.

Water levels on Wollaston Lake are monitored and controlled by the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority (CVCA).

CVCA has a mandate to address the following:

  • carry out flood plan management
  • maintain water levels
  • establish outdoor recreation areas
  • promote forest management and encourage reforestation
  • promote conservation education

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