Wollaston Lake: Environmental Health Score Card

 Wollaston Lake: Background

Wollaston Lake is a 360 hectare lake, located in Wollaston Township near the hamlet of Coe Hill. It is populated by a mix of seasonal cottages, campgrounds and lakefront homes and offers excellent opportunities for boating, sailing, fishing, swimming and watersport activities. The lake generally has clean water. There are over 300 lake-front properties or lots on record.Wollaston Lake Home and Cottage Association (WLHCA) is a not-for-profit organisation representing primarily the interests of lake-front property owners. The WLHCA undertakes environmental programs for the benefit of its members.  As part of its environmental mandate, this is the second environmental scorecard published by the Association.  It is intended to be a comprehensive summary of environmental conditions in the lake in 2015, based on all available data. The Scorecard compiles environmental data from various sources, including WLHCA’s own testing programs Government programs (MOE and MNR) Crowe Valley Conservation Authority Observations made under WLHCA’s new OWL program & OFAH/MNR sponsored invasive species monitoring program

2016 Environmental Scorecard

The 2016 Scorecard is available;  please click here to open the report. 

2015 Environmental Scorecard

The 2015 Scorecard is available;  please click here to open the report.  

2014 Environmental Scorecard

You can review the 2014 Scorecard by opening the full report link here. 


          Additional background information for the Scorecard can be found in the Addendums;

          Please click here to open the Scorecard Addendums.